What do you appraise at RNB Jewelry Appraisers?

I appraise contemporary and antique jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, watches, sterling silver flatware and hollowware. Coin collections can be appraised as well (contact me for details).

What are the appraisal fees at RNB jewelry Appraisers & Consultants?

My average fee for jewelry appraising is $75.00 for the first item, and $50.00 for each additional item.
gold coin
Complex pieces that require more time to appraise (for example items with many stones of varying type, size, and quality), or require lengthy research, may cost $100.00 or more.
Appraisals performed at your home or office are available at an additional cost.
Appraisals fees are NEVER based on a percentage of the value of your items.

Where will my appraisal be done?

At my office in Pikesville Jewelry Design, (Formerly  “Pikesville Jewelry and Coin Exchange”).
I was an owner for the past 31 years until April 2015 and I still retain an office there.
Arrangements can be made to have your appraisal done off-site. A “floating laboratory” will be brought to your home or office, for an additional fee.

Directions For Pikesville Jewelry Design Office
1350 Reisterstown Rd, Pikesville, MD
Located in the Pikesville Shopping Center (same shopping center as Staples and RiteAid).
The shopping center is at the corner of Reisterstown Rd. and McHenry St. just one block south of Old Court Road.

From the Baltimore Beltway (695) take exit 20 (Reisterstown Rd.). Then turn south (inside the beltway) and proceed approx. ¾ mile. Shopping center on the right (just look for Staples).
Once in the center look for green “Jewelry” sign at far end of Staples.

What will happen during the appraisal?

  • I will start by asking you some questions, including the purpose of your appraisal. Is it for insurance replacement? Estate purposes? Liquidation? There are many other possibilities, but insurance replacement at retail value in the appropriate market is the most common.
  • Next, I will ask for any documents you have on the items, and an inventory list.
  • Then I will invite you to ask me any questions you may have.
  • Your items will be individually photographed.
  • Everything will be thoroughly examined and described. This may be a quick process for one or two pieces, or an all day affair for a major collection. Sometimes even a single item can be very time consuming. If it is a large group, you may choose to bring smaller groups in over several different days. Occasionally clients leave their pieces in the store and pick them up later in the day, or at a later date. Whenever possible I prefer to do my work in front of you and return your items on the same visit.
  • The remainder of the appraisal process is done after your appointment is over. Research is done, values assessed, and reports written. You will receive two copies of the final report. A third copy is kept in my files for a minimum of five years. Your copies can be mailed to you, or picked up in the store.
  • All appraisals are confidential.

How should I prepare for my appraisal?

  • Accumulate any paperwork you have on the items to be appraised.  This includes any sales slips, prior appraisals, warranties, or certifications.  Bring this with you for your appointment.
  • Clean jewelry as well as possible.  Additional cleaning will be done when you arrive.  Do NOT clean coins if they are part of your appraisal, as only an expert should attempt this.  It is not necessary to clean silver flatware prior to appraising.
  • Check your jewelry for any needed repairs.  You might consider having any repairs done before the appraisal.
  • Select a date when you have sufficient time.  A few items will not take long, but large collections will naturally be time consuming.
  • Take an inventory of your items and bring a copy with you.
  • Make an appointment.

What forms of payment do you accept for appraisal?

I accept checks and cash. I am not set up to accept credit cards.

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